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This map is best maintained with the help of YOU. Please "add" and "remove" machines to/from locations to keep things up to date. And if you know of a location with machines that isn't on the map, use the "Suggest a New Location" link up top!

We currently are tracking 100 locations and 395 machines.

Shorty's's Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure: GC with 3,100,000,000 by MAK Wingmasters's The Addams Family: GC with 207,699,509 by DON Calamity Janes's The Getaway: High Speed II: GC with 991,107,870 by LUV Wingmasters's The Addams Family: 1st with 191,092,950 by XKX Wingmasters's The Addams Family: 2nd with 160,193,820 by XKX Wingmasters's The Addams Family: 4th with 122,284,390 by XKX Dorky's Arcade's Guns 'N Roses: GC with 3,182,309,560 by XBX Seattle Pinball Museum's Whirlwind: 2nd with 8,535,020 by _HM Hurricane Cafe's TRON: Legacy: 1st with 56,440,930 by HMH Gameworks's The Sopranos: GC with 411,307,560 by RON Seattle Pinball Museum's Lord of the Rings: 1st with 125,000,000 by RON John John's Game Room's Medieval Madness: 4th with 48,486,910 by MCP Zippy's Giant Burgers's Attack from Mars: 1st with 14,000,000 by DIB Shorty's's The Champion Pub: GC with 101,986,070 by POI The Neighbor Lady's Attack from Mars: GC with 25,439,060,160 by Don