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Founded in 2008, Pinball Map is an open source, crowdsourced worldwide map of public pinball machines.

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9,863 locations and 40,859 machines

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This is a user-powered map. Create an account and then keep the map up to date by adding and removing machines, submitting new locations, and telling your friends about it!

The data is managed by over 100 administrators and thousands of active users.

Pinball Map is not monetized - no ads or premium membership. The code is open source.

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Check the blog to keep up with map news.

Our current meager social media presence is on Mastodon.

We can be regularly found in the Pinball People Discord. It's a fun and friendly way to chat with other pinballers!

We have a monthly article series on Kineticist that hightlights new and notable locations added to the map.

What else... also got a Mastodon bot that posts random locations: @OddPinballMap

We even had a podcast for a bit! Mappin' Around with Scott & Ryan. It has not been active in a few years, but that is fine.


Not only is the Pinball Map website and app open source, but there is also an API! With it, you can pull down map data and use it on your cool app.

Stern Pinball uses our data for their machine locator. Our API is also used by Matchplay Events and Pindigo and Scorbit and Kineticist and many others!

If you use the data, please provide attribution!


Over the years we have created tools to help out operators. You can register your business in our system, tag all your locations, and receive email notifications when people leave comments on your machines.

If you want to quickly look up all your locations, try this special map!

Operators Map

To be added to our system, and to receive email notifications (please specify that you want this), Contact us!

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The Pinball Map website, API, and app make extensive use of many free and/or open source services (as well as paid services). The website uses Ruby on Rails along with open source gems. The app uses React Native and likewise is aided by many open source modules.

Dokku. We use Dokku to build and deploy Pinball Map! It is a free service, though we support it with a monthly donation.

DigitalOcean hosts our server and Postgresql database. This is fully paid for via our Patreon supporters.

Mapbox is used for map tiles.

Expo manages, among many things, the app development and build processes.

Scout APM tracks performance monitoring for the website and API.

Sentry is used for crash reporting on the app!

Google Maps processes the geocoding requests. We also use the Places API for location submissions.

Recent Blog Posts

Regional Maps

If the big map isn’t cutting it for you, you can search for machines in one select area. Please pick a "regional" map below. Regions are predefined geographical areas - they can be a city, county, state, or even a country - that an administrator and the local users created (a long time ago!). Each regional map is curated by a local administrator, often with the support of a league.

British Columbia
Great Britain
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Washington, DC
West Virginia