Pinball Map Privacy Policy

This document was not written or reviewed by a lawyer. This privacy page applies to both the Pinball Map website and the Pinball Map app.

We do not use any data on this site to generate revenue. We have never sold (or shared) user data (such as email addresses). We do not collect any location information.

We appreciate your use of this site/app, and we are committed to maintaining your privacy. This privacy policy is intended to add transparency to our operations. The data on Pinball Map are supplied by its users, and thus, we consider it "your" data and not something we can share.

User Info

When people make map edits, we see what the edit is, along with your username and email that you've supplied to us, as well as the "user agent" info that is automatically collected by all browsers. This includes generic device information and a public IP address. So in addition to the seeing an update like, "Star Trek was removed from Bob's Big Bar by USERNAME," we also see the user agent info:

(entered from via Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/5.0))


(entered from via PinballMap/20 (iPhone; iOS 8.3; Scale/2.00))

We sometimes use this generic device info for troubleshooting problems (such as, "it looks like this person is experiencing issues on the iOS app").

Location Services

When you use the mobile app and have Location Services enabled and grant the app permission to use it, the app uses your phone's location when you first open the app (to show you the closest locations with pinball machines). In our logs, this is a request to to the API for locations "near" a latitude/longitude, and the request doesn't contain your username or direct identifying information (but it does contain your public IP address). This request doesn't look any different to a request where you pan the map to some place random and load locations there. That is, if we inspected the logs showing requests, it would be unclear if that's where you are or where you're searching (plus, again, your username isn't associated with the request - so there's no "you" there).

We do not know where you are, and we do not care where you are.

We do not share:

We do not share any user data with anyone.


We do not use third party analytics. We've found that we don't have the time to analyze that type of data and we don't care about it. All we care about are the edits that are made to the map.

App Analytics

That said, we use Expo to create our mobile app. And Expo themselves collect anonymous basic usage information (such as device info and crash reports), so they can better understand issues with their service. We don't have access to this info. Here is the Expo Privacy Policy. Plus, some more detailed info from them.